Midi-Syncronisation don't works

Hello there,

i want to sync my Yamaha Tyros 2 with Nuendo. So i want that nuendo receives the song tempo from the tyros and (if possible) the nuendo project follows the song.

I tried it this way:

  • I checked the option in the tyros transmkit midi clock (on)

  • in Nuendo i marked “external synchronisation” and than “midi clock” and setted up the midi port.

Info: The tyros is connected to my HDSPe Madi. I CAN record midi signals without problems but only the syncronisation dont works =(

I think you’ll want to get your Tyros to send MIDI Timecode (MTC), not MIDI clock. MIDI clock doesn’t have any position information for Nuendo to follow.


This would be the best option, yes.

But today i got an answer from the steinberg support…

The Problem is that the tyros only have a midi clock, not MMC. So we will start the song from the other side, because nuendo can send midi clock (but not receive). I just tried it and it works.

However, thanks fpor your reply. Topic can be closed.