Midi tempo changing halfway

Cubase 9.5 Windows 10 here
I recorded freely a piano track.
I then wanted to quantize it. Halfway I was playing faster, so I changer the tempo so that the notes fell at the right place. I then wanted the whole piece to be a one tempo. But when I take out the tempo track the notes from the half onwards de-quantize themselves. What do I have to do?


You have to play with the Time base of the track, or use the Tempo Detection function.

If you use the Tempo Detection function, Cubase would find the tempo and make the tempo map. Then you can set the tempo to 1 value. MIDI data will follow, if the track is in the Musical time base.

Or you can find the tempo manually, when the track is in the Linear time base (then the MIDI data don’t follow the tempo changes). Then once you find the tempo, switch the MIDi track to the Musical time base and set the tempo to 1 value. MIDI data will follow.

Forgot to say, my version is Artist, so no tempo detection here.
I somehow managed to keep the note where there are supposed to be and have a unified tempo for the whole piece. Now this strange thing happens though: At the point where the tempo changed, it goes to half speed. I meen I see the tempo being the same, I hear the click track clicking at the same speed. But it is like at that point the unit is somehow switched from quarters to eights per beat! What is going on?

You can dowload the midi file from the link below. It is played on Alicia’s keys. Tempo is quarter to 58. After measure 18, the tempo drops inexplicably to half. Please help!


Sorry, I don’t see anything unexpected. I see the whole song is based on 1/4 notes.

Yes, that’s what it looks like!
Yet, if you import it in an empty project you will get the behavior I am mentioning here.
I.e. the metronome will continue clicking at the same speed, but the clicks will no longer correspond to quarter notes but to eight notes.
Could you please verify?


From which bar, please? I don’t want to wait for 4 minutes…

I just jumped randomly in the project here and there. These are 1/4 notes for the whole project here on my side, when I import the MIDI file to a new project.

Change occurs from measure 18 onwards. Up to measure 18 the part includes only quarter notes. From measure 18 eighth notes are added. But the eighth notes are played as if they were quarter notes.


Sorry, I don’t see any 1/8 notes in sense of where the note starts. All of them are quantised to 1/4. See attached screenshot, please.

If you mean the notes length, then this is affected by the Sustain Pedal. You are using it all the time (see attached screenshot, please), so the notes length is extended.

My god you are right… Is there a way to make the midi notes cut down to half, immitating a doubling of the tempo, but preserving the same one? That’s to say, quarter notes becoming eighth notes from measure 18 onwards?


Logical Editor > standard set 1 > Double Tempo.