MIDI tempo detection issue (1/4 meter?)

Time and again the MIDI tempo detection gives me a meter of 1/4?

What am I doing wrong? Is this a bug?

If I understand what you are reporting, this is similar to audio warping. Once detected you have to tell it what the meter is. It can find the beats, but doesn’t know where the 1 is or when the next 1 is. So, change it to 4/4 or 3/4 or 7/8 or 9/11 if you’r feelin groovey

But 1/4 is strange, hm?

Is there even a single piece of music ever written in 1/4?

It’s basically saying every beat is a measure in quarter notes.

I know.

I’ll have to investigate further.

Actually I expect the MIDI tempo detection to come up with meaningful values, not “1/4”.

For example, how would it know if you had grace notes or pickup beats? That marker is just a placeholder. You need to move it to the first 1 beat, and set the appropriate time sig.

I’m thinkin you are over thinkin :mrgreen:

Thanks JMCecil for explaining it (and understanding Cubase) so well !

Indeed, it is up to the user to define the relevant time signature(s) at the corresponding bar(s). Note that the “s” is meant for music with signature change(s). For common use cases where no score editing is needed, the 1/4 time signature can generally be ignored since what we are interested here is the beat/grid alignment.

For use cases that require proper time signature though (such as when publishing score is necessary), user would have to take an extra step to tag the relevant signature at the meaningful bar(s). Note that the 1/4 signature here enables the user to place the correct signature at ANY correct beat there after.
(Contrarily, this is not possible if you wanna insert a 5/4 at the 3rd beat of 4/4. Get a better picture now?)

@ TheNavigator: Although it is in Italian, this tutorial may provide you some ideas of handling the situation, shall a proper signature is required for your work: http://youtu.be/ek04RLr2Gzc?t=2m2s

Last but not the least, theNavigator definitely got the point. And we fully understand that :slight_smile:
It would have been much nicer if the function also delivers the proper signature at the correct beat, so that users can go a step further to save that extra step of defining it manually.
So, undoubtedly, this remains the one tiny but important step that is yet to be tackled in the long term.

Thanks, guys!