MIDI Tempo export

I created a file (Debussy’s En sourdine -1892) and input tempo marks throughout–both at the beginning, where there are some ritardando or accelerando markings, etc. When I export to MIDI, none of that comes through–as well as any of the dynamics. Is there another step to take to get those to export in Dorico?


I’m afraid the tempo map is not yet exported to MIDI, and nor are the dynamics, but hopefully we will be able to add this soon. I’m sorry those functions are missing at the moment.

I was hoping this might be included in the latest update, but not yet? Any ideas when this will be added in? It makes exporting to MIDI pretty much useless without tempo or dynamics.

I’ve just checked and tempos are exporting OK for me in our current internal build. Dynamics on mod wheel instruments are being exported, but I’ve just noticed that they aren’t on note velocity instruments, so I’ll add to my list and hope to fix soon.

EDIT: In fact, I’ve just fixed it now…