Midi tempo information


When importing midi to Cubase it never seems to get the tempo right. I import midi all the time and very few times has it imported the tempo information. This has happened to me since using C6 all the way to C8.

Is there something I need to activate or do for the import to have the correct tempo?


Try Preferences>MIDI>MIDI File>Import Options>“Ignore Master Track Events on Merge” (deactivated :wink: )
Or does it even go wrong when you import the MIDi file as a new Project?

This may seem simplistic, but when I bring any MIDI file in from anywhere else, I always set the tempo in Cubase to what the MIDI file tempo currently is [or was when recorded] first.

Hi all

I may seem strange but I have a feeling I’ve noticed that when there are tempo changes in a midi file it does import them, and the tempo changes register but if there aren’t any then it doesn’t pick up the tempo. Not in studio atm so can’t confirm but…

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I’ll give it a try when I get home. Will keep you guys updated. Even when creating a new project with the midi, does it ignore the tempo information.

(just to rule out the obvious :wink: )…
From where did you Export the MIDI file (and are you 100% certain that the MIDI file contained the tempo data in the first place? :wink: )?

Yes, it’s midi from film scores that composers send to me to clean up and write it in Sibelius. Usually their tempo map has many changes that don’t reflect when I import it to Cubase. There are times that when the midi doesn’t even respond to tempo changes even when the musical setting (forgot the actual name) is selected.

And in Cubase’s Transport Bar, tempo is set to “Track” rather than “Fixed”?