MIDI/Tempo/Key Editor problem solving

I have an issue with a MIDI track… I recorded a MIDI track piano performance using a virtual instrument, where I punched in at a few positions. Along the way, I changed the tempo on the transport bar and I tried quantizing the midi in each of the events. I then glued the events to one part.

Now, I have a performance that gradually strays from the current click track’s tempo and the Key Editor’s grid. Can anybody point me to a direction where I can get the entire performance quantized in the Key Editor to the current click track?

I feel like I broke a few “rules” of MIDI. So, I apologize. If there are any basic “MIDI rules” that make life easier, I’d love to read them. I am new to MIDI. So, I appreciate your guidance.

From what you write, it seems like you didn’t use the tempo track, but just made a few temporary tempo changes in various places - is that right? If so, try finding the places where you made the temporary tempo changes, and, instead, insert tempo changes in the tempo track. Then, when you play the track, the tempo will automatically change at those points (and the click will) - without an active tempo track, the whole piece will play back at whatever speed is set in the transport bar.

Thanks for replying Chase.

I guess I did it backward. I created a Tempo Track after the fact and saw no tempo changes. Is there another way to find where the tempo changes, other than seeing places where the notes are off the grid, and/or they deviate from the click track?

Thanks again.

Couple of places to get caught out with clicktrack, one is on the transport bar where you can follow either the tempo variations set or set a single tempo (usually defaults to 120bpm).
The other is setting the tempo variations in the Tempo track itself where I prefer to write or record the whole piece and then apply “Merge tempo from tapping”. Merge tempo… can also be done to short sections.

That suggests to me that your tracks were set to Linear Timebase (“clock” icon) rather than Musical Timebase (“quarter-note” icon).