Midi THRU behavior fixed in version 2.0?


I’ve just purchased a USB controller keyboard that cannot change it’s MIDI transmit channel (without connecting to a configuration program on PC that is). This in combination with Cubasis MIDI THRU behavior, which does not remap to the incoming MIDI to the output channel defined in the track setting, makes using multiple/multitimbral synth apps more or less impossible.

I’m not hopeful (given the response I’ve had on my grieving about this topic on this forum previously), but please let me know if the arguably undesirable MIDI THRU behavior has been changed in the next version?!

I might have to send my new Midi Controller Back otherwise.


You could give MidiBridge (or similar App) a try and let it do the remapping. Not as smooth from a work flow perspective though (but it should work).

Hi Nenox,

The MIDI thru behaviour will not be changed with the next Cubasis update release.


Thanks for the Info Lars. Please consider reworking the current implementation for a future release.