MIDI Thru / channels on external kit

Hi everyone,

this is my first post on here, I recently migrated to Cubase on Win10 as Apple is on the verge of death to professional users.

I’m fluent in ProTools, Logic and Ableton and therefore have to admit that it’s been a while that I’ve read any manuals.

Now here’s the thing: somehow Cubase appears to be entirely ignoring the MIDI channels set for any external instrument, thus rendering any MIDI thru routings useless. I’ve set individual channels for each external hw in my setup, the main ones on the respective physical output to channel 1, all the ones that connect to Thru to channel 9 in case that helps.

What am I missing? It’s kinda hard to search for the issue without being presented loads of other stuff as this is easily accomplished elsewhere…ugh.

Still can’t believe I am really asking this…

Your help is much appreciated.


Hi and welcome,

The MIDI Channel of the track is the master. So if you set the MIDI Channel of the track to any value, all data in the track will be sent on this MIDI Channel.

If you want to use multiple Channels on the track, set the MIDI Channel of the track to Any. Then the real Channel of the message will be sent.

Hi Martin,

thanks for elaborating. I however still am slightly confused…why would you set up channels in the MIDI device editor if you have to set them again elsewhere? Guess I need to read into the architecture a lot more.

Thank you nevertheless.


It’s kind of historical reason.

SMF0 had all MIDI Channels mixed in one track. So this is the scenario, when you set the MIDI Channel for every single MIDI Event in the editor, and set the MIDI Channel to Any.

But newer version (SMF1) expect, you will use one (or more) tracks per Channel. So this is the use case when you don’t care about the Channel of the dedicated MIDI events (most of them are on Channel 1), and you sent all of the data (of the track) via the settings in the track (Channel X) to the dedaceted MIDI Channel.