MIDI-Thru Rechanneling per Track

Any idea when we’ll have conventional use of MIDI-Thru? This is kind of a standard thing now since about 1994, or so.

I feel robbed. I bought Cubasis thinking that I could use it as a replacement for a laptop running Nuendo. Big-time WRONG.

For the time being, and until they get this fixed, I’m advising my clients and installs to stay with PC-based DAWs for now.



I am sorry that you are disappointed. Please refer to the product page or this forum before purchasing to avoid trouble with missing features. MIDI-Thru is currently scheduled for the 1.4 update.

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I’ll not be disappointed one bit when the MIDI Thru works.

In the new update, I’m hoping that MIDI will be re-routed according to the parameters (port and channel) of the currently selected track.

Otherwise, a rockin’ piece of software! Thanks…