Midi Time Code & Locator points in future updates?

Will Midi Time Code (MTC) output from Dorico be added in future updates? I use 2 computers, with the desktop running Cubase where I create the music performance/sounds and use the Score Edit to create the instrument score. I transport this score from Cubase via Music XML to Finale on my other computer for finalising the score and parts. This works smoothly because Finale outputs MTC which I can synchronise Cubase to.

Also will locator points be added in Dorico, allowing quick navigation through different parts of the ‘flows’. I use this a lot in Cubase (called Markers) and in Finale (called bookmarks).

Dorico already has many great and new features and hoping updates can only make it more stable and with more options.

Cheers, Robert

Yes, I hope we will be able to include some kind of sync capability in future. Cubase has great support for various kinds of sync, so I hope it will be possible to piggy-back on this functionality in a future version of Dorico.

Thanks for the reply Daniel. I’m committed to Dorico and look forward to its development over time. Congratulations to you and the Dorico team on an innovative approach to music scoring software.