MIDI time code offset?

Hi! Reading manual, couldn’t find if there is setting for adjust offset for each songs. Is it possible to adjust somehow different time-code-offset for different songs (TimeCodeOffsetValue/ Song)?

Yes, open “Song/Song Trigger List…”, in the header you can set TC offset (added to what MTC Out sends). Type the entire tc. Next version will also allow to set outgoing MTC frame rate there.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile: found it there and it was easy to fire up MIDI TC with desired time.

@musicullum can u help me what am I doing wrong that I can’t load SMPTEGenerator VST plugin (included with my Cubase12pro installation) to VST Live?
Adding this folder to VSTLive plugin paths, didn’t help:
“C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 12\VST3\Cubase Plug-in Set.vst3\Contents\x86_64-win”
Maybe it is not yet possible, but maybe there is a way to load the plugin.
Thank you!

… it’s not licensed to VST Live (yet).


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