Midi timeclock - a known issue?


I’m using Cubasis 3.0.1 on an iPad, connected via apple camera connector to Steinberg UR44, to synth directly via midi out from UR44.
Am trying to get external synths to sync up exactly with the midi time clock, so I can use their arpeggiators & sequencers.

Try as I might, I can only get “approximate” values of the project tempo from Cubasis to show up on the external synth.
For example, the project tempo might be 127 bpm, but my prophet 6 or Roland System 8 sees an external tempo between 127.9 and 130 bpm.
When I increase the project tempo, the synth tempo rate goes up by the same increment - but is still 1-3 bpm off.
Needless to say, after a couple of bars, this becomes a problem!

Synths respond correctly to midi notes sent via Cubasis.

Suggestions for troubleshooting, or a work-around appreciated. Thanks.

Interestingly, the exact same set-up syncs perfectly with Cubasis 2 when tested. So, it’s clearly a Cubasis 3 issue.


Not yet fixed in 3.0.2