MIDI timeline/piano roll at different speeds/sync


Here’s a brand new midi/instrument track, and here’s a percussion sample on the main timeline, playing right on bar 5

Here it is in the piano roll, which displays it somewhere shy of bar 4. If I move it to bar 5 in the piano roll, it sounds somewhere after bar 6 in the actual piece.

It’s not out of sync 1:1 either. I moved the hit to bar 10 in the main timeline, and it comes up around bar 7! in the piano roll…

Changing the time base of the track doesn’t seem to help this one (it does nothing at all). Is there a feature I am missing that adjusts some kind of sync/ratio for each midi track? Though I have no idea how I would have accidentally triggered it?

(edit) The metronome is ticking at the speed of the piano roll, not the main track




Could you attach the affected project, please?