Midi timing after re-opening a project


The midi lag in my system goes on. I was working on a song on Thursday and midi worked just fine. I opened it today, cued up a midi track and the keys are a second behind.

I trashedi midi setups, reinstalled the motu midi drivers for the miditimepiece av, and still it is exactly the same.
I cant understand this for the life of me. Cubase was never like this. I have cubase running on a mac pro (trash can) with midi connected via usb.

Im at a loss. Any ideas?

Are you sure you did not add a multiband compressor or some other plugin that introduced latency before saving the project ?


Hey, you were right. I had put a multiband compressor on the Master output channel. How can that add latency? I don’t get it…It’s an audio plugin, what effect did this have on midi?