Midi timing even worse !

Hi… :confused:

Don’t know if this happens to any of you but… :neutral_face:

I noticed that cubase 9 midi notes timing mess around ! I discovered that by using the fantastic Sample Modeling Swam saxo vsti. :frowning:
In this sax vsti, one can control normal/squeak & overblow sax notes with D1 velocity note. And I used to draw a looOong D1 note, then cut it in some places in order to adjust those D1 parts velocity. So when playing back, more D1 velocity is high, more squeaked and overblowed are played the notes.
But I noticed that on the Swam sax gui, the squeak & overblow indicator wasn’t showing if notes are played squeak & overblow ; and I didn’t hear any squeak & overblow notes. :astonished:
So, I tried to leave a little gap between the D1 notes to see if it would work better… And indeed, with a 2 or 3 ticks, the squeak & overblow are sounding correctly ! :unamused:

But this means also that if you take a long note that you cut (with the split tool), cubase 9 will not play several notes ! You’ll need to leave a 2 or 3 ticks gap between the midi notes in order to hear a new note on each one !! :open_mouth:

This issue has a lot of very bad consequences ! I need to edit each note length precisely to get the midi phrase I wish !

There was not such an issue in cubase 8.5 ! I consider that as an enormous bug/issue !!

This cubase version is definitely a piece of sh…i…t !! :imp:

I really hope Mr Steinberg is going to release an FREE improved version SOON !! For the moment, cubase 9 is a pure swindle that crashes every hours.

My next project will be done with Studio One and if I like this daw, bye-bye cubase. J’en ai trop plein le cul, ça m’fait mal.


Can you reproduce the issue with other VSTi or MIDI Monitor?

Could you share some crashlog, please?

As regards splitting the trigger note, are you sure that you don’t have Preferences>Editing>MIDI>“Legato Overlap” set to something higher than zero?

→ vic_france → That is what I went to check asap ! And there is 1 tick legato overlap. As it is since years in my system. But anyway, this feature works only when applying ‘legato’ function on some midi notes. Not when one cut midi notes with the split tool.

→ Martin.Jirsak → I noticed that I have the same issue with Omnisphere Jaco fretless bass I’m using on the same project : if there is no gap at all between midi notes, the notes are not retriggered !
Make the test ! And please, tell me if you get the same issue ! Thanks ! :mrgreen:

I just made this test again… And by copy/pasting notes one after one without gap → no issue. And cuting midi notes with the split tool → issue … but just … sometimes ! :unamused: Just after cuting, cubase plays them like a single long note and on the 2° playback, I can hear notes retriggered ! And on other playback, sometimes no retrigger, sometimes, retrigger ! And to be sure they are all retriggered, adding a 2 or 3 ticks gap… Fu…cK !

Preferences>MIDI>Length Adjustment