MIDI timing - fixed in v9?

I’m one of those people that have been affected by recorded MIDI timing inaccuracy issues for many years.

The problem has been well highlighted on this forum, numerous times. There have been a number of suggested solutions, yet I’m amongst those who have never achieved tight timing, despite trying those ‘fixes’ out. (MIDI time-stamp etc)

The problem has survived many Cubase releases, PC hardware and audio/midi interface models and operating system upgrades. …and I’m pretty sure it’s not been down to bad playing :wink:

So my reason for posting here again is to establish if V9 has finally fixed MIDI timing inaccuracy symptoms?

Has anybody (who previously had the issue) managed to record MIDI in V9 without needing to ‘nudge’ or quantise events?

Haven’t tried it yet, probably won’t, probably wasn’t fixed :slight_smile: Rant follows…

I didn’t realize how bad the midi timing in Cubase was until I used Logic for awhile and realized, hey, I no longer need to nudge every single note I play into the DAW. Yes, I have latency compensation enabled in Cubase…doesn’t seem to help much. Running 256ms latency on both DAWs.

As a film/tv composer, I’m no longer in the Cubase “demographic” anymore, perhaps for good reason. All I wanted in 9 was improvements in the audio engine performance, the new video engine (with print to video), and perhaps some usability tweaks like per region export. Again, Logic toasts Cubase performance wise on my admittedly aging Mac Pro, and while I realize much of the performance gains is simply due AU being more efficient with Kontat than VST 2, it doesn’t change my needs.

Maybe Kontakt will go VST 3 and gain that greater performance boost for my large sessions, or maybe Cubase will figure it out on their end. Or maybe I’ll abandon Mac and go PC, which I hear is faster across the board with Cubase. But ever since Logic allowed stem export last year - the killer feature for Cubase that kept me from Logic for 5+ years - I’ve been using Logic more and more.

Im curious,are you having timing issues with Native instruments libraries in kontakt and any other of their vst’s?i have noticed if you render in place any NI tracks they are always late by a few miliseconds.best example is to have a kick on the beat at quarter notes and bounce it out.Now other manufacturers like slate and the stock synths drums etc in cubase bounce out in time.It may be a vst2 thing.Still baffles me why NI dont have vst 3 by now.

I’ve just bought and test-using v9. MIDI timing is a HUGE problem and I am soooo pisssed. I have a project due and I spent 2 months setting up everything with a new machine etc… right now, the MIDI timing is KILLING me. I can’t believe why the simplest function on earth in “the claimed-to-be best DAW” is impossible to work.

And there is noone from Cubase with a solid resolution once for all. I’m so unlucky. I’ve been using Cubase & Nuendo since 1998!!! When I spent the most money is when I can’t do the simplest thing.

I had horrible midi timing with a MOTU FastLane. I had two of them and both were horrible. I switched to a micro lite and the problem went away.


I haven’t had any issues with this since C6. Oh how I hated C6 and came very close to moving on. Terrible Midi timing, crashes, blue screens , the works. However I have not had any of these issues since and C9 seems to be very stable for me despite a few annoying bugs. I use a lot of midi and have not had any timing problems at all.

my tempest is locking transport sync much better with C9, which is driven by C9 midi clock. midi feels tighter but i havent recorded external synth midi tracks yet, will see then if its factual, internal vst midi has never been an issue its rock solid at least since 7x and 8x for me.