Midi timing issues cubase 5.5

Hi there

Im using an Echo Audio laya 3G in windows 7 - cubase 5.5

I get delayed midi. If i trigger an external synth the audio coming back is delayed - the problem gets worse the higher the buffer is set

Also if i play a soft synth in live, the midi data will be delayed. However if i quantize the midi data so its licked fixed to the grid it will play fine for internal synths only

Ive read this article http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/dec07/articles/cubasetech_1207.htm and tried out all the suggestions including ticking the “use system timestamp” box’s

Ive tried ASIO4ALL drivers and the latest drivers from Echo audio and now im out of ideas and just about to get a different soundcard

any one got any ideas?




If your notes are delayed, this is probably problem of your ASIO driver. Echo Audio has not good driver. ASIO4ALL could help. But you have to set Buffer Size of the driver. Bigger Buffer Size = bigger delay.