MIDI to audio and pitch?

Hi cubase users!

I’m switching from Logic to Cubase (I’ve had cubase 6.5 for a while now and I like it except for the dongle!)


In this video, can anyone please tell me how he records the midi into audio in realtime, he obviously have some short commando for it? whats the name of it in the bind list, I’d really love to get it aswell!

Another thing I need to know is how he pitches the sound in some weird way just a few seconds after he bounced it in this clip.

I think he’s using the built in pitcher to make the sound less tonal. How does he do this and is there any short commando for that pitch thingie he uses?

He also have some commands for cutting with the keyboard for some reason, it looks like a great tool to improve in the workflow, how does he do that? (see video again; http://youtu.be/GrDiS2Yq1W4?t=25m49s he seems to have some kind of shortcommando for chosing which waveform he’s gonna cut in, some kind of target commando)

Thanks alot! answers very much appreciated!

anyone? would very much appreciate it! atleast the pitch thing and how to record midi to audio like he does in the video, in realtime, without having to route everything to buses and stuff.