MIDI to audio Export

Hi team,

I have a perfectly good MIDI song that has 5 MIDI channels. I want to export the MIDI tracks as audio but not with the Real Time function. Takes too long!! I’m exporting the tracks one at a time, although I have more than enough computer power to do them all at once! So, I have started with the piano track.

I’ve done everything correctly. The exported audio file is 50,171 KB. When I try to play the audio file, there is no sound. During export of the this track (piano) it sounds like a cat is running all over a piano, so obviously sound is being exported.If I use the Import Into Project function in the Export Audio dialog box, the new audio track is created but there is no wave there, hence no sound either. I have checked:

  • The locators capture the whole track and are blue, not red.

  • I have selected the track.

  • The Sample Rate and Bit Rate match the project settings exactly.

  • I have selected the Stereo Output channels–>Stereo Out because that is the exact routing that MIDI channel plays back on.

My MIDI channels are triggering my Tyros 5. There’s sound but no wave??? What am I doing wrong? Many thanks.

Real Time recording doesn’t work either :frowning:.

How is the Tyros 5 connected audio-wise?

The Tyros is connected in stereo, to the Channels 1 and 2 of my Steinberg UR 44 interface. Here’s what my setup looks like just prior to Exporting.

Any kind of hardware audio input needs to be recorded to an audio track in real time first. There’s no other way, unless the Tyros offers a way to import the MIDI files and instantly convert them into audio, which I’m pretty sure it can’t.

The Tyros only offers limited audio output options since it’s not quite designed for “studio” use. If you want to export the audio of the 5 MIDI tracks separately, you’ll also have to record them one by one. If they’re part of one song, it’s of course possible to record all 5 at once to a single stereo track, but this gives you less mixing options since you can’t apply effects to each instrument separately.

Only stuff hosted by your DAW (Cubase) can be rendered or exported in faster than realtime. This includes recorded audio tracks and VST instruments and effects. For example, you can turn a MIDI track connected to a VST instrument into an audio track almost instantly by using the Render in Place feature.

Okay, I think I get it now. I’m not really Exporting MIDI to an audio track because MIDI contains no audio data. I must create audio tracks and then play back the MIDI so the audio from the UR 44 is picked up. There’s no quick way to do that.

Thanks guys!