MIDI to Audio in Cubase 6.5

I have recorded a simple piano piece from my keyboard as MIDI into C6.5. I would like to convert it into an audio track. What I have been doing up to now without success is:-
I add a blank audio track below it, solo the MIDI track, arm the record button on that audio track and press record so the MIDI track plays back the MIDI piece whilst the audio track fills up with audio as the MIDI track travels along. BUT this somehow doesn’t work for me as I suspect I have the procedure wrong. Can anyone point me in the right direction with perhaps a walk-through?


This topic has probably been covered more times than any other.

A quick Google search should turn up some helpful results.

Is there a reason you are posting here instead of the Cubase 6 sub-forum?

For some reason which escapes me I am unable to post directly on the C6 forum.

Have tried Google which leads me onto YouTube but not exactly on this topic though my unsuccesful walkthrough was taken off one such vid. Still searching.

Hold the front page. I’ve stumbled across an earlier thread on this which might well be the solution.

I have added you to the Cubase forum group and moved this topic.