Midi to Audio in Cubase 7 Dumb Question Continued

I have been trying to convert a midi track to audio for about two hours now. I’ve been watching tutorials and reading the manual but sill can’t make it work. I understand that you need to route the signal from the VST instrument (in this case, GA One) back into an audio channel. I went to the VST connections box, created a new bus,
went to the routing section in the channel rack and sent the VST instrument mixer channel signal out to the newly created bus and then in to the audio track. Records nothing. I’ve checked and double checked my setup. Seems to be routed correctly according to all the info I’ve seen. What am I doing wrong?


Input monitor activated?
If it´s routed correctly, it will work.
Simple solution: File - export - audio mixdown.

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Input monitor is activated. Still nothing. The tutorial I saw told me to set it up as I said earlier and hit ‘record’. When I go to File>Export>Audio Mixdown and press ‘export’ in the export audio mixdown box, I get ‘please specify file path’.
I click on the file path box and it asks where on the hd I want to specify as the file path. Not trying to send it to my hard drive. I’m trying to convert midi to audio within the project so I can have it as a .wav file.


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Post a screen shot of the routing set up.

Ok. Here’s my routing setup. Trying to record and convert from midi on channel 5 to audio on channel 6. The tutorial I saw said that you can route signals using a bus that is not connected to external hardware (Stereo In-Out 2) that in this case the routing is all done internally. I’m obviously pretty new to digital recording but I thought I understood signal path. Maybe not. How’s it look?

Mixer Routing.PNG.jpg
VST Outputs.PNG
VST Inputs.PNG

I can’t be sure, but it looks like you are using a routing setup for recording an EXTERNAL instrument controlled by a MIDI track in Cubase. As I understand it you just want to record an internal VST instrument (GA One). See this post. You should not need to create another VST connection bus. The post is for Loop Mash but should work for any instrument track.

EDIT: OK. I see you could be using the VST connection as a “dummy” bus. No need to do that. Again, read the thread I have referenced.

Obviously the file needs to be stored somewhere on your harddrive, as it also will be when recording from busses. Look at the export dialog more thoroughly and you´ll find the “import to project” field.

You have not understood the signal path,
The input of “Audio 5” needs to be set to “stereo out 2” obviously, since you want to record the signal from an output bus, which is “stereo out 2”, not an input bus, which would be “Stereo In 2”. Output and input busses are two different and - at least in this context - unrelated things.

Ya, I thought ‘Stereo In’ meant where the signal was going rather than where it was coming from. Boy, do I feel like an idiot. I guess it just seems different when you’re used to lookin’ at wires. Thanks for putting up with me. Sorry I wasted your time.


Also with wires you connect outputs to inputs, not inputs to iputs or outputs to outputs (most of the time at least… :wink: )

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Don’t be Too bad on yourself . We all learn a lot from dumb questions and dumb mistakes, yours or ourselves. I’ll be a genius in a few more days

I don’t even like to think about the silly mistakes I have made with Cubase.

I’ve never learned anything from a dumb question.

Thanks for speaking up for me, however.

The aging process helps create some degree of “smarts”… Unfortuantely, I am forgetting much more than I learn.

Hey Guys . I think I might be joining the muppet show , because I feel like a muppet.
Please someone help me . I have the same problem as the above .

I’m simply trying to record my midi instrument into an audio channel just like I used to do with Cubase Sx ( yeah I know I bought Cubase Sx in 2001 and didn’t upgrade until jan 2013 ) . NowI have the new Cubase 7 and things have changed a lot .

So again pls help . I’m sure the answer is a really simple one. I have added multiple stereo outs and ins . The input for the audio track should say …



Hey Guys, my muppet show membership has been revoked . I solved the problem ( I just restarted Cubase ) . Don’t feel like such a muppet anymore . Still feel a bit daft though. :blush:
Thanks again