Midi to Audio LE 6

I am a relative newbie and have researched this issue extensively, but I am still unsuccessful. I realized after recording two audio tracks and creating a midi drum track, that when I export to the audio mixdown wav file, the midi track will not record. So I read that you can solo the midi track and record to an audio track. I can hear the drum sounds but it doesn’t record to the audio track. So I read that I could output the midi track to a wav file through the audio mixdown. When I do that I can hear the drum sounds being rapidly played, but when I import the wav file nothing is recorded.

Now on the output route of the midi track it shows Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth. Does this need to be changed, and if so, how do you do it? I can’t figure that out. Because doesn’t the output of the midi track and the input of the audio track have to be the same.

Please help.

The Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth cannot be included in an export as it is outside of Cubase. You need to use something like Halion Sonic SE as a VSTi on an instrument track for example.