MIDI to audio of non-VST tracks

This is a question that has had no real resolution. I use the drums on my Yamaha Genos arranger keyboard for recording MIDI. When I dissolve the drum parts, I end up with 12 MIDI tracks (for example), all of which need to be converted to audio in REAL time, one at a time. Pain!!! For some stupid reason, the Render function works with VST instruments but not with an external hardware sound source :imp:.

Would setting each track to its own bus allow me to record 12 audio tracks individually in one pass? If assigning each part to its own bus does work, I need really easy instructions. I find busses very confusing and everyone on the net who tries to explain it assumes I’m a seasoned recording engineer!

I’m using Cubase Artist 8 and am discovering its many limitations. I’ve been told to upgrade to 10.5 Pro. Big bucks though.


Can you have the drum pads on different midi channels

To record 12 different audio sounds to their own 12 independent audio tracks in one pass, you quite obviously need a device that has 12 single audio outputs. Does your Genos have that?
To get those 12 audio channels into Cubase you then need an audio Interface that has 12 audio Inputs. So if what is in your signature is your gear, then no, you can´t do that - not even with Cubase Pro.
Apart from that, a Render function with external hardware sounds can also only work in realtime.

Thanks for the info, svennilenni. I do have a 16-channel SoundCraft mixer but there is no way to send those channels individually from the Genos. Glad to hear it’s not just a problem with Cubase. Real time conversion is all I can do :frowning:.

While the Genos provides excellent drum tracks, I think I’ll look into a decent drum VSTi. I hear BFD3 is really good as are others. Problem is, most of these drum programs lean very heavy on the electronica side, something I have zero use for. I play Jazz, Blues, and Country.