MIDI to Audio?

Does anybody know the fastest way to get MIDI into Audio? Is really mixdown my only option here? Guess that what i really would appreciate is like i said a “drag & drop” function where i just drag the midi parts to the audio track and then Cubase internally converts it. That would be cool!!! :slight_smile:


You can either freeze the audio from the VSTi to the pool or route it to a group and record it in realtime.

Hi Rymdis

the basic and simple way to get you midi into audio is to put a lead in the out put of your sound card and connect it to where you play your audio, very mechanical but works a treat.


I think he want to render the audio to an audio track. This can all be done internal the the app as pointed out by the previous poster. I usually route to an audio track via an output channel (as opposed to a group channel). Really the same thing but I just prefer output approach.

I prefer this vs the export method as I can do many tracks at once.