Midi to Cubase but no midi to VSTi

I’m moving my DAW from old hardware to new hardware. I had some issues with USB3 not working correctly with my generation 1 USB dongle. I purchased a newer dongle and it now works.

I have a Motu micro-port and Cubase sees the MIDI activity. However, my VSTi do not receive this MIDI data. I can see activity in the lower right of Cubase 11 but nothing at my VSTi. I moved this Motu to a USB2 port intended for keyboard and mouse, but still not MIDI at VSTi.

Thanks for your help.


Every track (MIDI track, Instrument Track, Audio Track, etc) has an INPUT port and an OUTPUT port that you can select. Please check to see if the track you’re using has the right output selected (where it says “MicrosoftG…etableSynth”, in the bellow picture). Also, make sure that the track is armed for record (red button, in the bellow picture).


The VSTi you’re using should be there (where “MicrosoftG…etableSynth” is).

My old DAW is set up exactly like my new one. Yes, the channel inspector is pointing to Halion or Groove Agent including the port number and the MIDI channel. My old DAW is working. My new DAW is not working. Using my keyboard on Port3 Ch1 or my V-drums on Port2 Ch10 I see activity in Cubase 11 but not in the VSTi. Port1 Ch10 is my Handsonic. Using my PC keyboard I have audio out from Halion.

Very interesting!

Are you sure the channels match? (MIDI track’s channel and the plug-in’s)

But is the track Record armed, or monitored?

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No the output was not in record or monitor. This fixed the issue.

I do fail to understand how an output setting has anything to do with an input signal reaching the internal matrix. This makes no sense. But, thank you for this solution.

I will try and remember this dependency.

It seems my new DAW is at 100% now. Thanks!!

sigh …

Strictly controlling what reaches the monitoring and/or recording process is as old as hardware studios and still relevant in even medium complexity in-the-box studios. As the mixing engineer you want full control over what reaches your internal matrix, rather than counting on all the potential musicians and/or pieces of gear on your various inputs to be perfectly quiet when you don’t want to listen to them.

Even monitoring the currently selected track doesn’t make much sense, while mixing and not recording.

That being said, you can tell Cubase to automatically monitor the input on the selected channel(s) via a Preferences setting:

The relevant page in the Cubase Manual can be found via searching for “Auto Monitoring”, which leads to this page: VST