MIDI to multiple VST Instruments

Hey there!

How do I do this, I couldn’t find a way yet: I have one MIDI track, and I want multiple VST instruments to be controlled by this MIDI track. When I try to route it to an instrument, Cubase only gives me one option to choose from. What do I do wrong?

Thanks a lot!


Look up MIDI sends in the manual.

Or load a Multi timbral instrument in the VSTi rack and set the MIDI channel on your track to all.


Or make multiple copies of the MIDI track, sending each one to a different VST instrument.

The suggestion by flexionmusic is the usual solution if your Instruments are separate VSTis. If you can call up the Instruments in Halion (i.e. Presets) then you can set each of these presets to respond to the same MIDI channel, and only require a single MIDI track.