midi track and channel

Maybe I’m not understanding this correctly.
I record some midi data. All plays back fine.
Go into piano roll and change the midi channel of some of the notes.
Change the midi track channel to ‘any’.

The playback then drops approx -12db

Any thoughts anyone?


Every single instrument can have its own volume.

Thanks for that gem Martin.
I’m still not understanding why changing a midi channel setting drops the volume.

(If I may jump in here) Because the setting that controls the volume of whatever is on that channel is different from the previous one. Could be Volume CC #7, and many VSTs use the mod wheel CC #1 to control it.

Oh, I see. Do you mean the same instrument?

OK, then apart from CC7 (Volume), there could be CC11 (Expression) used. And as SteveInChicago said, even some other CCs can affect the volume.

Thank you both - It could be something to do with CCs.

Could you try the example I have given above.

Just select all the midi and change the channel (within piano roll) and change the midi channel to ‘any’. 10-12db drop.