MIDI Track as source for MediaBay Previewer

I’m not sure why this isn’t implemented already or why it wasn’t in the blueprints for MediaBay 1.0 but here we go again. It’s not much more to it than what’s said in the subject line. Anyways:

I would like to set the MIDI Track output to MediaBay previewer, start my song and hear the previewer play through my hit list in the search I’ve done in media bay. Then I find a sound that I think will suit the song and I right click or whatever to load either an instance of a mono timbral synth VSTi or load a sound in a slot in a multitimbral thingie like HALion Sonic SE, if that is what my sound happen to be.

Maybe it’s harder than it seems to program but I think it would my use of the previewer skyrocket no doubt!

i agree would be fantastic