MIDI track Audio fader Generic Remote

Anyone know how I can assign a remote control to the selected midi track audio fader?

I’m looking to do it through a generic remote setting but can’t find the correct device controller command in the generic remote.


Hi you, I assume you are trying to find a generic remote parameter to control the volume of a selected midi-track, correct?
If so: In the lower part of the GR definition you find “midi mixer” in the dropdown menu for the first parameter (device), “selected” for the second paramenter and then finally volume.
Please note that this midi volume (CC7) and not audio volume (We are talking about midi tracks).
If that does not work, try “mixer” as the first paramenter and again “selected” and “volume”.

HTH, Ernst

Let me add one thing tha tmight cause troubles: The cubase midi faders have a special “low” value that is “off” (-1 if you type it in). It may seem that the generic remote does not work when the fader is in this position. If you move it up by hand it will follow the generic remote - but only as long as you dont move your GR device to the bottom value, because then it is “off” again and therefore does no longer follow the remote controller. I so far could not find away to handle the “off” thing with midi volume faders in a clever way with using GR!

Maybe someone else can help?

Thanks for coming back to me.

It’s the volume control for the device output. I have VEPro outputs on the midi channels and the fader is the return of these.

The midi channel volume is the easy one - that’s on the midi mixer volume - it’s the other volume in the inspector that I’m trying to control.

Well, it is not really clear what you are talking about (which track type). So I assume you are talking about VSTi-Channels or Instrument channels.
Anyways: All types of channels are availabe under “VST mixer” and “Mixer” (the two are essentially the same - with some minor differences, one of the mystical software design decisions of Steinberg …). You select one of those in the GR definition, then “selected” and “volume”. Et voila.

If you are still having troubles, please either check for the appropriate words (which track type do you talk about?) or include a picture.

Sorry if i’m not being clear - perhaps a picture would be better.

When I select the MIDI track - in this case Trumpet Solo, the corresponding audio track appears in the inspector. I want to set up a generic remote controller for that. I can’t find the correct controller in the Generic remote editor for this fader.

Hi, no problem :slight_smile:.
Just to understand: Did you load VEPro as a Rack instrument or as an Instrument track?

The audio fader on the midi track (in the inspector) is reflecting the connected VSti-Channel in your mixer in other words: it is an inspector “shortcut” to access the audio return of the vsti when your midi track is in focus. In order to control this you would have to select the vsti channel and control the fader there, there is no other way as it seems to remote control the audio volume.

The VePro VSTis are added as Rack instruments - I’ve had them in as track instruments in the past but for various reasons (multiple inputs and outputs in VePro) I’ve found it works better.

ok , I see.
I double checked: There is no way to control the audio fader via GR or QC if you have the midi track selected. The audio fader in the inspector of the midi track is only another visual representaiton of the channel volume fader of the respective VSti channel in your mixer. As a consequence you have to select THIS track in order to be able to remotely control (via GR or QC) the audio volume fader.
Sorry to have no better news for you.

Ah well :unamused: , never mind, thanks for checking.