Midi track automatic selection

Hello everyone,

On Cubase Artist 9, I’d like to program the midi track selection automatically, so I could play my keyboard without have to click any button to change to the right track, is there a way to do it ?

Thank you !



You can assign track selection to a MIDI message in the Generic Remote Setup. Then you can just send the MIDI message from your MIDI controller.

If you want to automate it in the project directly, you can use any application to make a virtual MIDI port and send the MIDI out from Cubase and back as a controller.

Or you can think about automation of Mute, which would maybe do the same job. Or MIDI Sends Bypass (set one MIDI track as a master and use MIDI Sends to distribute the signal to the destinations).

Btw, these kind of experiments are always risky in terms of to hanging MIDI notes. Make sure you always send MIDI note off for all triggered notes.