MIDI track connections randomy set to 'not connected' when opening/activating a project

Sometimes when I open and load a project, I will find that the MIDI routing for various MIDI and Instrument Tracks are incorrect. A lot of the time they come up as ’not connected’ or the MIDI routing is set to the completely wrong MIDI track or Instrument Track. I will also sometimes get the popup window after loading a project saying that some tracks are missing connections.

This happens to the MIDI connections for both the main MIDI output, as we as MIDI Send connections.

It appears that this happens when opening a project, or when activating the project after working on another project.

It doesn’t always happen, but frequently there will be a handful of tracks that will have incorrect routings. It also seems completely random which routing the MIDI/Instrument Tracks are changed to.

This is rather frustrating, as I often work with projects that have upwards of 100+ MIDI/Instrument Tracks. I’m having to manually go through and check every single track whenever I open the project to make sure the MIDI connections are set correctly, and that they haven’t mysteriously changed and connected to a completely different output track (which they often do).

For example - I may have a Violin MIDI track that has its output set to an Instrument Track (Kontakt), as well as the MIDI send output set to a separate Instrument Track.

I have done some research online and on the Steinberg forums, and this issue seems to have been reported as far back as Cubase 8 back in 2017, up to a few months ago. See the various forum threads below for people reporting the same/similar behaviour:

It apparently has been reported before and acknowledged by the Steinberg team, and is in the internal reporting system under the following reference numbers:


These is my system info:
Cubase Pro 12.0.70
MacOS 13.4.1

It’s quite surprising to me that after so many years and Cubase versions/as well as this being reported multiple times that this is still an ongoing issue. Anyone else out there experiencing this?