midi track conversion

Having a problem that i hope someone might be able to help me with!!

Recorded both VST INSTRUMENT tracks(using samson graphite 25 keyboard) and MIDI tracks(using Yamaha dtx multi12
percussion pad).
When it comes to converting the tracks to audio, i can easily convert the Instrument tracks, that is working fine!
The problem i have is that i CANNOT CONVERT the MIDI track(s) that i have recorded on the DTX Multi12!!!
It does not work!!! And of course i have no idea why?
Is there anyone out there that is familiar with the Multi12 that can help me please?
I have to say that this is really frustrating!!
I have had to finish a piece that i was working on, and convert the tracks i could and then do the MIXDOWN to put on CD, leaving off the drum track played on the track with the Multi12!!
Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help!!



Forgot to say that i converted the INSTRUMENT TRACKS using the FREEZE method!!


Where is the MIDI Track routed to, what is the Output of the MIDI Track?

  1. You have to route it to any tone generator (software - virtual Instrument, or hardware).
  2. If it is routed to the hardware, you have to export in Real Time.

Hi Martin,
Thanks for the reply to my question.
The MIDI track was routed to my Yamaha DTX MULTI12 Percussion pad(tone generater!)
I had set the source and output the same, the MULTI 12.
I did not know you had to export in real time though!!
Do i gather there is an option for that in my version of cubase?
Any chance you could confirm this please if you don’t mind?
Thank you for your help!!! Very kind of you…

i have another question if you could maybe help with that?
As i mentioned in my post, i had to finish and export the track without the drums on it!
After i mastered the track,i tried to burn it to disc as a wave file(16 bit CD) and as an MP3?
NEITHER way has worked, it would NOT burn to disc? ANY IDEAS PLEASE?
(I was using Windows media player to do this!)
Many thanks!!


I’m not sure, we have the same meaning of the “conversion”.

I expect, you want to put it to the Audio track, or to the MixDowned final file, right? In any case, you also have to connect the Line Out of your DTX MUKTI 12 to your Audio Device Input. Then you can Add the Audio track and record the tone to the Audio Track in Real Time. Or you will mix it down during the Export Audio Mixdown process. In this window, enable Real Time export, please.

Cubase cannot burn a CD.

If you want to be able to play the song in any CD Player, use so called Audio CD format. To burn it, you can use for example WaveLab.

WAV or MP3 are just common files. Why it doesn’t burn? Any message displayed? I’m not Windows user and I’m pretty sceptical that WMP can also burn a CD.

Thank you so much for the info you have given me!
I will be trying to do a real time mix down soon!

Have to admit I have not heard of WaveLab but will have a
look at it soon as I can.

You are able to burn Cd’s with WMPLAYER.
You can drag files into its play list or it BURN LIST!
No idea why it didn’t work?
Still never mind, my main aim was to covert my Dtx multi12 midi tracks to audio.
will worry bout burning disc later! !

Once again, Martin thank you!

Just a thought on the burning a CD portion of this discussion…
I use the WMP to burn CDs all the time. But, I notice that it is finicky when it comes to burning a certain brand/type of CD. I’m sure this is more related to the function of the actual CD drive.

To get to my point/thought… Did you recently change CD brands or type? Maybe you did a Windows update that goofed something up?

Regards :sunglasses:

Hi PRock,
Thanks for the input!
I too have used WMP to burn CDs before!
Regarding your other point, my computer is a brand new one that i purchased specifically to work on the music project that i want to do. I have not done any updates at all and i am still using my same batch of discs that i have
had for a while. Whether there is a issue with the CD drive or not, i have no idea.
I will be looking at software like the suggestion by Martin,Jirsak, that being WAVELAB. Or maybe i will get NERO, installed on my new pc as i have used that for years on all my past laptops. Something will work,right?
Anyway, thanks for your help regarding this!

Just a quick update, following the previous conversations…

I tried again to convert a MIDI track that was recorded on the dtx multi12.
I had the input and output set correctly as had been advised and set it to convert to audio in REAL TIME!!
It went through the process but it DID NOT CONVERT THE TRACK!!!
Any further ideas/advice? HELP PLEASE?

On the other issue, burning CDs!! That is now solved!! I am not using WMP, i have downloaded a free cd/dvd
burning software called CDBURNERXP!!! works fine!!
Kind regards to all!!


Can you just simple record the signal from the dtx multi12 to any Audio track?

Hi Martin,
Sorry but my answer to your latest question is…I don’t know!!!
Please forgive my stupidity but I am really new to this!
I have only started doing MIDI recording etc bout 3 months ago.

I have been a drummer for over 45years but on normal kits! None of this midi and vst stuff!!
Could you please explain how I do what you ask, not sure I fully understand.
Thank you.


Please, try it.

  • Make sure the Line Out of your dtx multi12 is connected to the Line in of your Audio Device.
  • Make sure, this Input is available as an Stereo In in the VST Connections > Inputs.
  • Add an Audio Track (to your project with the MIDI Tracks), set the Stereo In as an Input.
  • Enable Record and Monitor on the Audio track, and hit Record.
  • Disable the Monitor.
  • Hit Play.

Now it is recorded as an Audio. Now, you can export it (and now, you can use offline - non-realtime - export).

HI Martin,
Sorry for not replying sooner!

I have not tried what you have suggested yet.
Let me explain why…
On the back of the Dtx multi 12 is various inputs and outputs (Obviously!!)
There are 2 midi connection (1 in and 1 out! ) these are not in use at present because I have the
Multi 12 connected to pcby USB.
There are 2 stereo output (L +. R). Is one of these outs you are meaning to record as audio? (Connecting to line in
Of audio device?) If it IS one of these then I have a slight problem,

Sorry Martin, hit wrong key and posted message before finished typing!!

Carrying on…
The problem would be that both these outputs are already in use.I have had to use them to be able to get the sounds from the Dtx to come through the speakers that are connected to the PC and audio device.
It’s a long story…I will save you the boredom of the whole story.
I will just say that I have quite a few problems along this road to recording!!!
Pity you cannot put pictures on here ,then I could show you my humble set up!!
Thank you for any advice you can give me and my opolgies for landing with with all my recording problems.
Kind Regards…