Midi Track crashes Cubase when trying to edit

I have spent a whole day trying to find something that may give answers to my problem. Works fine if I open up an older version of Cubase.
I create an instrument track, load in Omnisphere or Halion and create some midi notes. If I try to open the track to edit it, it causes Cubase to crash.

Please help - I get so little time to create it has been a very frustrating weekend:)

Sorry for the trouble. If you start a new empty project and load Halion Sonic SE2 in VST instruments, choose the Create a MIDI track, do you get the same crash?

Before Cubase 7.5, what other versions of Cubase did you have on the system. Do you have the problem in both Cubase 7.5.2 in 32 bit and 64 bit?

Thanks for getting back to me. I got assistance this morning using telephone /remote support from George.
When trying to edit any midi/Instrument tracks, Cubase stopped responding and had to be removed using Task Manager. Midi tracks could be created and played prior to this.
On PC, Start/Computer/OS(C:)/Users/Name/AppData/Roaming/Steinberg. Make new folder “Cubase Old Preferences” and place all earlier instances of Cubase files inside.
Restart Cubase and reorganise preferences.

I also had issues with the Echo Layla 3G settings - it lost the device ports to channels 1 & 2. I Drivers were checked and after a couple of restarts to the PC they reappeared.

Thank you again for following this up and special thanks to George :smiley:

Anubody got an answer about the same problem inside mac?


Yeah, look in the Knowledge Base to find out what the folder is called on Mac.

I have the same problem… :open_mouth:

OSX 10.8
Cubase 8 Artist

I found the fix: