MIDI Track (Drum Map) - Solo on selected Track Bug


I have noticed there is bug with the preference “Solo on selected Track” in combination with MIDI tracks.

When soloing the first MIDI track with “Solo on selected Track” enabled, everything works as expected. The whole signal chain as associated with the MIDI track is soloed correctly:

Bug: But when switching to another MIDI channel, it switches the solo state of the MIDI channels but then mutes all associated audio and group channels. Even when switching back to the first channel the mutes stay in place. This makes no sense.

Doing the same thing with Instrument Tracks works as expected:

Hope this can be fixed within an upcoming maintenance update.


What is the output of the MIDI track, please? Do you switch the Solo in the Project window or in the MixConsole?

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Doesn’t matter if project window or mixer. When you try to solo another MIDI track than the first one by selecting it (Solo on selected Track enabled) it mutes the whole audio signal chain.

Output is a multi-timbral VSTi instrument called “Algonaut Atlas”. Each MIDI-channel is assigned to a different output of the instrument.

so I tried to replicate with other multi-timbral instruments like Groove Agent and Kontakt but I could not. With Groove Agent and Kontakt it work always solos all outputs of the instrument when selecting any associated MIDI channel for soling.

It seems to be an issue with the specific setup with Algonaut Atlas but I can’t think how this should be related to a specific plugin? I will contact the developer anyways.

@Martin.Jirsak ok I found what is causing the issue: The drum Map - as soon as your MIDI tracks have a drum map selected, the soloing stops working as expected.

But this has to be bug right?