MIDI Track Edit/Rec Arm Nightmare

A picture is supposedly worth a thousand words. So, I’m posting these screen shots to see if anyone can help me stop this problem.

If I double click on a MIDI track to “Open In Place” for editing, the record arm light activates (see Screen Shot 1).

Several of you have suggested that I go the preference section and de-activate the solo record option for MIDI tracks, which I did (see Screen Shot 2)

Screen Shot 1 shows that the record light came on even though I had de-activated the MIDI Solo Record Option, as shown in Screen Shot 2.

As some of you have stated that you have no problem with this, I’m hoping that you can clear up your methodolgy for me to avoid this annoyance.

While writing this, I just realized that this problem is specific to the matter of initialization. If I select the Edit in Place button on the MIDI chanel in question, the lane opens and the record arm function does not engage. That view is kind of small (for me anyway). :blush:

But when I double click directly on the MIDI event, I get a full screen view of my work area but the record arm function comes on. So, is this the distinction? Will you guys try double clicking on the track directly to open the key editor and tell me if your record arm light comes on? If so, is my only work-around option to open the editor from the channel control? :question:

Thanks for your help. :sunglasses:

This happens although it is inconsistent with edit in place. Out of interest, why is it such a problem?

Well besides the fear of accidentally recording over something I meant to keep, it has triggered some wicked feedback loops on ocassion. I’d rather that NOT happen. It’s distracting to have to keep monitoring whether it’s on or not when I’m supposed to be editing.

if you hit enter when the midi event is selected it opens the editor. Hitting enter also closes it, this is the way I easily open and close the midi key editor.

I’ve never seen this behaviour by the way.

Also looking at your second grab, that’s not the preference I was referring to. There’s general ‘record arm selected track’ obviously any selected track record arms if this is set and I’m sure you’d have noticed.