Midi track Loop Problem

When sending Midi from a track to another everything plays fine until the end of the loop, as soon as the loop ends and starts again no midi notes play anymore although the track keeeps recieving midi.

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What is the output of the MIDI track, please?

The output of the Midi Track is VSTi. It plays normally until it reaches the end of the loop. When it loops it doesnt play anymore.

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Can you reproduce it with any VSTi or only one specific, please? Could you try to increase your Audio Device’s Buffer Size, please? Does it help?

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Here is a link to a video where the problem is exemplified: Cubase MIDI Routing Loop Problem Video - YouTube

The VSTi Prologue plugin (it is an example as it happens with other VSTi) plays and loops normally when it has a midi clip to play, but when it is playing midi sent by another track it only plays once then it stops playing after it loops.

One curious thing though, is that the midi monitor light on the VSTi window keeps flashing although the VSTi doesnt play any notes.

You can confirm this by watching the vumeter next to the channel track since the file has no audio (sorry about that).

What we are trying to achieve is to route midi from other tracks to a vsti plugin that creates audio and midi reactive visuals (VS - Visual Synthesizer).

By the way, I’m using Cubase Elements 10.0.60.

Hope this clears the problem.
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Could you try to move the whole song to bar 2, please? Is the result the same?