Midi track looping issue

Due to the many issues i was facing I couldn’t test the VST live software further, so i stopped testing until all the current issues were fixed in next version.
So will steinberg give more trial period in such case?

… please drop me a mail to m.spork ( at ) steinberg (.) de


Same issue. After some cycle, random, midi do not play. audio track play continue to play.
win10, ur44 steinberg, promachine, 128buffer, it’s the same. and high energy power cpu fixed, no cpu problems.

issue is fixed with the next version.


I just downloaded the new version 1.1.20 and i see this issue is not yet fixed.

Groove Agent drum Pattern not getting added to the bar properly and not playing in the proper timing set. Weird timing. Sometimes I don’t hear the sound also.

When i closed and reopened the project, the pattern fits the bar, but drums is totally messed up.


Attaching the project here.

TestProj.zip (71.0 KB)

… we found the problem and fixed it. Next update. Thank you.

… and this one is solved and discussed here. Let’s try not to get doubled entries. or we loosing the overview. Thank you.