MIDI Track Mixdown sounds different (C4)


I just did a new song, where i have to bounce all the Midi Tracks into Audio Files (RAM issue).
I did a bassline in NI Massive. After the Mixdown there are missing deep frequencies and somehow every now and then MIDI instruments sounds different after a Mixdown generally.

I tried different Mixdown Types:

  1. Only Track mixdown
  2. Only Stereo Out Mixdown
  3. FX on Stereo out: on and off
  4. FX on Midi Track: on and off

But it seems impossible to get the sound as it is after a mixdown.

What do i have to do, to get the tracks mixed down exactly as they sounds like as MIDIs?

Thanks in advance…

Try using 32bit FP at the same samplerate as your project to wave file.

Thank you.
Sorry i forgot to say, i mixdown with 32bit FP allready and 44.1000 kHz.
So this seems not to be the problem (solution) :slight_smile:

Any other ideas?


Thanks for your response.

Interpolation? Never heard before.
Could you please explain in a way, i can understand? :slight_smile:
A little “How To” would be very helpful or a source where i can get good information about it.

You can always try google and then wikipedia.

Interpolation is the guessing game of math and how mathematically something is arrived at depending on tables, or known quantities or points in a cycle etc

Am I getting warm?

Here’s what got me understanding:


Oh, i thought i have to do something in Cubase like:
Go to Menu-> Project Preferences-> Interpolation-> Click and it´s done. :slight_smile:

Thank you 4 the link. I will read it as soon as i am home.

Brains: that link is not about interpolation… :unamused:

No but it’s in wikipedia as stated.