Midi Track Output / Sends showing as "." regardless of Output name

After selecting an output or send for a MIDI track:

It then shows in the box as “.” only. This can be confusion when you have a MIDI track sending to multiple destinations and can’t see which is which on the fly:
Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 21.43.25


Add to the title and to the description, you are talking about the MIDI Sends, please.

Done, thanks Martin. This seems to happen with both the sends and MIDI track output.


Are you on Windows or Mac? Which version, please?

Hi Martin,

Mac OS Ventura 13.14.1, M1 Pro chip.

Cubase Pro 13.0.1

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I will check this tomorrow.

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Hi, this seems like a known issue which has already been fixed for the first maintenance release. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Great, thanks Jendrik!