MIDI track playing multiple instruments

OK so here is what is happening.

  1. Create 2 instruments using F11 (Rack)

  2. Create 2 MIDI tracks for these instruments.

  3. the MIDI tracks play both instruments, even though they are routed to only 1 instrument, and I can have no MIDI tracks highlighted and play the MIDI controller, and ALL instruments play. Drums, sampler etc, AND the vst synths.

Am I missing something here, never had this issue in 6.5

And also, wtf happened to MIDI sends ? I cannot find out how to control multiple synths from one MIDI track.

Looking at your spec i’m assuming you’re on windows? if so it could be a case of you inadvertently routing midi to the MS GM synth which should be in your midi connections panel… not at my studio machine currently so if anyone else could chime in at this point…

This is not typical behaviour with 9.5 so something weird in your set-up (maybe MS GM synth as mentioned above). Screen grabs showing your track inspectors of the two tracks concerned might be useful.

you don’t say which version of Cubase you have (Elements, Artist, Pro) but assuming it’s a version that has MIDI sends (so not Elements) then perhaps the Send panel is hidden? Right click on the panel headers within the Track Inspector and either click on “Show All” or put a tick next to the “MIDI Send” item.

Thanks for the replies. I found the MIDI sends , they werent availible in the inspector by pressing e but just on the inspector on the left hand side. I am using Cubase 9.5 Pro btw.

I think the problem could have been a plugin, as since i’ve unloaded it, and replaced it, seems to have stopped the problem. It was a plugin bridged using jbridge.