Midi Track Problem in Cubase

Hi, i experiencing unexpected behaviour in midi tracks in Cubase 9.5
Hope I can explain this properly
If a track is selected and I start play I cannot select another part on that track or any other track in the project. When I do cubase keeps reselecting the part that is currently playing. If i stop play can select any part on any track I want. If I double click on the midi track to open midi editor I can see that the as each note in a part is playing it being highlighted. as it scrolls through a part each note is highlighted as its played
Hope that makes sense
Any help much appreciated

Could be a Preferences setting? You may want to check
Preferences > Editing and look for the checkbox labelled “Auto Select Events under Cursor”.

If it’s checked, uncheck it and see if that does the trick.

Brilliant that did it
thanks a lot

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