Midi Track problems. Using Moog minitaur an external vst


I am having a lot of trouble trying to export my midi track being Sounds from a moog minitaur.

I have added a vst instruments and assigned a midi track to it so im able to record and play back midi notes from the moog. I have noticed when i play notes etc there is no volume meter moving from the master channel that is assigned to the Vst Instrument. Its like they are not linked together therefor i am unable to add audio tracks and group them appropriately to enable record so that it records the midi signal in audio.

I am only able to receive signals from the external synthesizer by inserting a midi track. If i was to instert a instrument track same as the midi i have no sound.

My goal is to be able to bounce my midi file into audio or use it as a instrument track to apply auido inserts rather then midi inserts.

Hope somebody out there understands what im trying to get help with. thank you

Could you provide some screen shots?

Did you set your routing in the VST Connectsions [F4] correctly? Did you set MIDI and audio busses?