Midi track recorded at the wrong tempo

I did a session last week with a good piano player. I have audio from his Nord and midi as well. The audio sits perfectly with my track at 99 bpm. As always there are imperfections I want to fix and I was counting on the midi. The midi, however is not in sync with my track, seems to have been recorded a beat or two slower than my tempo. . Is there a straight forward way to get the midi to lock to my track? I hate to think that good work is all wasted.

Did you record both the audio and the MIDI from the Nord simultaneously? (onto seperate audio and MIDI tracks)
Did you use a click track while recording?

I was not the engineer on this session which was done on Sonar. The midi, all tracks was exported at 98 bpm. My project is at 99, so it does not sync. The audio from the Nord sits perfectly, but it can’t be edited with the flexibility I need, ie like midi. Not sure why Sonar exported the midi at the wrong tempo… What I really want to know is this: Is there any way in Cubase 10 to correct the 98 bpm tracks to 99? There is some kind of tool in the midi editor (time warp?) but the documentation is not helpful.

It’s not possible to have individual tracks at different tempos. If you take the audio as the reference, you could use the tempo detection tools and then set the project tempo from that. The MIDI must then by definition follow that tempo.

Or perhaps all you need to do is quantise the MIDI? Or offset the MIDI track timings in the Track Inspector? It’s very difficult to advise without seeing/hearing the piece.