MIDI Track Routing changes to random instruments while opening a project

The following bugs have been a nightmare: ( Cubase 13 -Windows )

  1. MIDI track routing changes randomly to other instruments in the project, when reopening the project. This is a fresh project created on Cubase 13 & been working on it since the release. There are around 70 instrument tracks & additional midi tracks. Imagine the assignment among them is changed randomly -chaos !!

  2. Some instrument tracks are also swapped - baffling !! Eg. opening the corresponding/intended instrument opens & triggers another unrelated instrument.

  3. While adding a new midi track - the midi channels are not assigned consecutively or not following the previous channel.

  4. Scrolling on midi channel number on a track, to quickly switch/assign a channel, doesn’t work. scrolling doesn’t work on some other values too.

  5. Major graphic bug on Windows - VST(stock or 3rd party) windows start flickering & the program is unresponsive. Cannot save. Have to ‘End Task’ & restart.

Please release an update soon !!