MIDI Track Routing to use Audio Fx

Hi, I use Groove Agent and I am trying to create multiple audio fx for the exact same MIDI track for drums.

Why? I want 3 different sets of audio fx on my kick drum, each panned differently, some with chorus some without, some with delay, some without — however - all 3 are really the same exact same MIDI note, triggering the exact same drum sample in Groove Agent.
Likewise I have multiple clap sounds with different delays and EQ, and reverb fx.

Is there a way to do this WITHOUT generating audio from the MIDI tracks??
REPEAT - I do NOT want to generate audio files from my MIDI tracks, because I’m still playing or auditioning different beats (and different fx for the same beat).

I see that in Groove Agent you can assign a (singular I think) an audio output for a pad. Can you assign more than one (like 3 or so); that would allow me to use different audio fx for the same MIDI note, as described above.

Frustrated in Philly


Route the Kick to dedicated output in Groove Agent. Then use Send to send the signal to 3 different FX Channels, where you will set the different effects.

Thank you Martin!!

Where in Groove Agent do you see the routing? Is it when you right click on the pad itself?

Thanks - but I have 3 different MIDI input to the same pad, that I want different audio fx for. it “seems” that pad can only route to a single output.

Seems like we continue this thread over here:


Sorry, In not Groove Agent expert at all. You can also make an FX Channel within Groove Agent, can’t you? You can use this to make the 3 outputs then.