Midi track´s audio channel´s automation track? Where?

I´m trying to find the automation track of midi track´s audio channel.

Situation is this:
-I have a midi track wich has Kontakt 4 playing a kick drum sample
-On that midi track´s audio channel I have UAD´s SSL channel strip in the FX insert slots
-I pushed the W (to Write automation), then pushed Play and tweaked some knobs from the SSL EQ, then pushed W again and left the R (Read) on. The automation works nicely.

Now I need to do some more precise editing to the automation I just wrote, but I can´t find the automation track (where I can draw the curves). So where is it? :confused:

Already tried the manual, chapter “Automation”…?

I defined two shortcut keys: Display All Used Automation, and Hide All Automation. To find the automation track I need I write some dummy automation, display all automation, and then just scroll up and down to find it. It’ll be there somewhere…

But it’d be nice to somehow get a function which shuffles tracks so that automation for a given signal path is all in the same place.


Just click the little down arrow at the bottom left of every track. You can add any automation type you want, 1 at a time. No need to fiddle a controller to do so.

Found it! Thanks!

Just a quick comment here because I’m not a fan off hiding buttons… Seems counter intuitive to me. Can’t see where they are!! Steinberg, please stop hiding things.


Hiding some things can help to find other things better…