Midi track solo comes on when editing midi

Is there any way to stop the record light coming on when opening the key edit window when I’m editing midi. I don’t want to hear any sounds as I have the track ball on the keyboard.

In theory you can disable “Solo record in MIDI editors” in the preferences to stop the automatic switch to record enabled.

However, on my Cubase 6.5, opening a MIDI editor still causes the automatic solo record to be activated. Very frustrating.

So, can anyone confirm that all you have to do is to disable “Solo record in MIDI editors” as the manual says?

Methinks it’s a bug.

It may seem that way. I’ll do a test or two more and file a bug report (hm… where? I’ll hopefully find out…) if the problem persists.

^ There’s no “Issues” sub forum for Cubase 6/6.5. What is the best procedure for reporting bugs?

Edit: Upon further investigation by reading some on the net, I’ve found that the behavior, even if in conflict with the manual, is intentional. The manual says: “If this is activated and you open a MIDI editor, its track is automatically record-enabled. Furthermore, Record Enable its deactivated for all other MIDI tracks until you close the editor again”. Since it’s a long standing behavior it is probably intentional and an adapted into peoples workflow, so even if in conflict with the manual and some users interpretation and preference (ref. forum postings on the issue), it’s not a bug and not something that will be changed.

Should there be change, a “Record arming in MIDI editors” option, which also greys out “Solo record in MIDI editors” when unchecked, would do the trick.

Even if it was a bug - development on this version is over. We’re at Cubase 7.5 now, but ofcourse if the same behaviour is the case there, you could file a report there.

Ok. I sit at the keyboard at all times whether recording or editing. I have my master keyboard controller set to local off. I rest the trackball on the keyboard when working. Above the keyboard is the Mac keyboard. Above that are two large monitors. So the only thing making wrong, reckless notes sound is Cubase’s inability to
“diable record when using midi editor”. Not hard to understand, right? So regardless of what version is out, Steinberg should write a fix into a Cubase 7.5 update. Not a big deal for a programmer but a hassle for the end user.

Disable Acoustic Feedback in the editor.

My point was; you’re in the wrong forum for that.

In any case, there is no bug, as it’s not the Record Enable button that controls whether you “hear any sounds” in a midi editor, it’s the Acoustic Feedback button.

Disabling Acoustic Feedback doesn’t mute the sound. As long as the record button is enabled the keyboard produces audio. Of course when you disable the record button the edit window closes and you’re back where you started.

Ah, now I understand what you mean when you say “I have the track ball on the keyboard.” You have a trackball physically sitting on the keyboard pressing the keys and triggering notes. I did not get that before, guess I’m projecting my own “ergonomic prejudice” :laughing:

You should simply disable Midi Thru in Prefs>Midi or via the key command “MIDI thru Active” to get the behavior you want from Cubase 6.

Thanks.This works, but will it affect any other midi functionality?

Looks like the key command is the quickest. Now I just have to find the key command and move on. Thanks.

Just looked in Key Command menu under midi. Didn’t find such duck there.

Got it. Thanks.

Of course it’s there. :cry: :confused: There is a search field in the Key Commands dialog, did you notice it?

I suggest you spend time with the manual. While not everything single thing is in there, it will save you time in the long run.

As above. Got it.