midi track solo not working unless also soloing audio return too.

Setup is using UR28m as sound device, synth audio output is going into line input 3/4 on UR28, usingUR28’s 1 and 2 pre amps for guitar input.

SOLO does work on individual midi tracks IF i also manually solo the usb 1&2 audio returns track - this is the way MODX template sets up, this is a screenshot of mixer when solo will work.

mute on individual tracks works.

It seems like the solo function should be “linked” to also soloing the usb 1&2 audio channel at same time- then it would work.
IS this a Cubase setup issue on my part?

Synth is yamaha MODX using MODX control and recording template

Thanks for any insight as to where to start or a workaround - or should i just get used to clicking twice get solo functionality?

  1. They are TWO diff track types if you will one is AUDIO and one is MIDI, they are NOT connected in any aspect so you must SOLO each one to hear it. You could select BOTH tracks and hit SOLO as a workaround.
  2. You could make FOLDER track and put both the AUDIO and MIDI track in it so it then treats it as one object
  3. You could go to Studio\AudioConnections and click on the EXTERNAL INSTRUMENTS and go that route which basically combines the MIDI with the AUDIO return from your synth

Thanks Shanabit, I think creating a external instrument would be the way to go.