Midi track timing

AI 10.5
Import midi file, change the drums to Groove Agent, drums out of time with the other tracks.
Anyone else had this? Solution?

And “other tracks” are what MIDI tracks? Audio tracks? And if MIDI those “other tracks” go where? MS Wavetable Synth maybe…? Useful info…?

All the other tracks are midi too. Output to MS Wavetable by default. If I change the drum track to output to Groove Agent (or SSD5 for example) it goes out of time - it appear to get ahead of the other tracks.

Other tracks are for example electric piano, bass, brass, percussion etc

Ok. If all the midi tracks are assigned to MS Wavetable Synth there’s no timing problems. If all the tracks are assigned to Cubase Instruments, I.e. Halion, Groove Agent, there’s no timing issues either.
If there’s a mixture of MS Wavetable and Cubase Instruments, then there’s timing problems…maybe a Windows issue?

Exactly MS wavetable synth is a windows device that isn ´t interested in Cubase ´s latency figures, but instead comes with its own high latency. And MS wavetable synth is btw. also not included in a Cubase mixdown.