MIDI track to audio track: How?

How do I convert the MIDI recording to an audio track without having to play back the MIDI track to an audio output and rout that audio back into an audio recording track in LE4?

You freeze the track…oh, wait. Nope, you have to export the track.

Exporting the track both to a MIDI file and then to an audio file which was reimported did not result in getting the audio from the MIDI track back into the project as an audio file.

The only way I’ve been able to make it work is to play the MIDI file “out” through my MIDI controller and then record the resulting audio on a new audio track. Seems like there should be a more direct way.

What is your MIDI info triggering to generate sound during playback?

I use a Yamaha S90 keyboard as my MIDI device. It’s external, of course. When I play the MIDI track along with the audio tracks, the sound comes out through the S90. I’ve been using audio out from the S90 back through the sound card into LE4 to record the audio from the MIDI.

Maybe the problem here is that I’m not experienced enough with this stuff to understand how the output from the S90 keyboard gets back into the recording. If playing it back and recording the output is the only way, then I’ve got it. It’s just not as elegant as I thought it would be :slight_smile:

If your sounds are being generated by an external device, you normally have to route it as you describe.

I think you have it figured out (for now :slight_smile: ).